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Year Vol. No. Type Title Author Page
2013 55 1 Original Articles Influence of Hypocholesterolemia on Patient Prognosis
after Liver Resection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Nakayama, H., et al. 1
Original Articles Resection for 10 or more Colorectal Liver Metastases Suda, M., et al. 9
Original Articles Significance of Resection of Peritoneal
Metastasis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Nakayama, H., et al. 17
Case Reports A Patient with Quadruple Carcinoma (Gastric Cancer,
Colon Cancer, Hepatocellular Carcinoma,
and Intrahepatic Cholangiocellular Carcinoma) Treated by Curative Resection
Yagi, M., et al. 27
2012 54 1 Case Reports Triple Cancer Simultaneously Involving
Two Liver Cancers and Colon Cancer
Hirabayashi, M, et al. 1
Case Reports Early Gallbladder Cancer Discovered after
Cholecystectomy for Gallbladder Adenomyomatosis
Oka, S, et al. 9
Case Reports Hepatocellular Carcinoma Showing a Spoke-Wheel
Pattern Similar to That in Focal Nodular Hyperplasia
Oyama, S, et al. 17
Case Reports Multiple Combined Hepatocellular-Cholangiocarcinoma
Developed after Surgery for Rectal Cancer
Masuo, Y, et al. 25
Case Reports Liver Resection for Local Recurrence of Hepatocellular
Carcinoma Following Radiofrequency ablation
Koda, T, et al. 33
2011 53 1 Case Reports Granulomatous Mastitis Followed-up by Ultrasonography
and Successfully Treated by Corticosteroid Therapy: Report of a Case
Sakurai, K., et al. 1
Case Reports Process of Intestinal Atresia Development Due to
Volvulus Detected by Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Hoshino, M., et al. 9
2010 52 1 Original Articles Combined Effect Of Toremifene And Paclitaxel
in Metastatic Breast Cancer
Sakurai, K., et al. 1
Original Articles Effects Of Essential Oils With High Water
Content Emollient on Uremic Pruritus
Okada, K., et al. 9
Original Articles Relationship between High Normal Hemoglobin
A1C Level and Albuminuria In Hypertensive
Patients without Diabetes Mellitus
Okada, K., et al. 19
Case Reports Hyperprolactinemia in Psychiatric Patients
Treated with Antipsychotics : 24 Case Reports
Takahashi, S., et al. 27
Case Reports Breast Cancer at the Site of an Implanted
Pacemaker Generator : Report of a Case
Sakurai, K., et al. 37
Case Reports Report of a Case of Ileoileal Intussusception
Due To An Inverted Meckel’s Diverticulum
Fujisaki, S., et al. 43
2009 51 1 Review Recent Advances in The Pathophysiology of
Infantile Onset Pediatric Autoinflammatory Diseases
Inamo, Y. 1
Original Articles "Life with Dignity" for Terminal-Stage Dialysis Patients
with Severe Dementia in Japan : A New Concept
Okada, K., et al. 25
Case Reports Aspiration-Induced Lung Injury Associated with Type
A Acute Aortic Dissection Successfully
Treated with Sivelestat Sodium Hydrate
Niino, T., et al. 35
2 Review Space Medicine for Humans in Spaceflight Iwasaki, K. 41
Original Articles Reconstruction by Lateral Pancreaticogastrostomy
after Pancreatoduodenectomy
Nakayama, H., et al. 53
Original Articles Increased Salivary Secretion by Rebamipide
in Sialoadenitis Model Mice
Nozaki, T., et al. 59
3,4 Original Articles Evaluation of Pancreatic Fistula Formation
after Gastrectomy with Splenectomy
Nakayama, H., et al. 67
Original Articles Spectral Analysis of Fibrillatory Activity on Surface ECG and
Filtered P-wave Duration Predict Recurrence after
Internal Atrial Defibrillation in Patients with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation
Masaki, R., et al. 75
Original Articles The Characteristics of Unique CD15(Lewis X) Positive B Cell Subsets Inomata, H., et al. 87
5,6 Original Articles Gallbladder Hanging Maneuver During Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Nakayama, H., et al. 97
Original Articles Evaluation of Preoperative Liver Function by Liver Scintigraphy
for Asialoglycoprotein Receptor Analysis and Relationship
with the Indocyanine Green Test
Nakayama, H., et al. 101
Original Articles Bone Marrow Cells May Repair Mesangiolysis in Habu Snake
Venom-Induced Glomerulonephritis in Mice
Inoshita A., et al. 107
Case Reports Autoamputated Calcified Ovarian Cyst in An Infant Sugito K., et al. 119
Case Reports A Giant Phyllodes Tumor of the Breast with Malignant Change : A Case Report Sakurai K., et al. 129
2008 50 1 Review Recent Advances in Gastric Canser Chemotherapy in Japan Fujii,M. 1
Review Control Disorder Watanabe,N. 9
Case Report Breast Carcinoma with Osteoclast-Like Giant Cells Diagnosed
by Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy:Report of A Case
Sakurai,K.,et al. 15
50 2 Review Treatment Strategies for Chronic Liver Diseases Ralated to Hepatitis C Tanaka,N.,et al. 23
Review Voice Assessment at The Voice Clinic Makiyama,K.,et al. 39
Case Report Granulomatous Mastitis Developing Bloody Secretion
from The Nipple after Chest Trauma
Sakurai,K.,et al. 53
50 3,4 Review Overview of Chemoradiation Therapy Saito,T. 59
Review Strategies for Reno-Protection in Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD) Fujita,T.,et al. 71
Review The Inhibin Hypothesis: Does Inhibin B Confirm It
to Be A Reality in Male Reproductive Physiology?
Ishida,H. 81
Original Article Usefulness of Unipolar Electrical Recordings
in The Coronary Sinus During Atrial Fibrillation
for Differentiation of Coronary Sinus and Left Atrial Potentials
Ashino,S.,et al. 93
50 5,6 Review Is Epstein-Barr Virus A Key Conductor in Some Intractable Diseases?
- Is SAP/SH2D1A A Double-Edged Sword?
Takei, M., et al. 105
Original Articles Cut-Off Point for the 11-Item
Shorter Form of the CES-D Depression Scale
Yokoyama, E., et al. 123
Original Articles Epithelial-Myoepithelial Carcinoma
Arising in The Nasal Cavity
Nomura, Y., et al. 133
Original Articles Endocardial Impedance Mapping During Ipsilateral
Pulmonary Vein Isolation for Atrial Fibrillation
Ashino, S., et al. 139
2007 49 1 Original Article Utility of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonographyfor
Evaluation of Blood Flow in Esophageal Varices
Nishiyama,R.,et al. 1
Case Report An Extra-Glandular Warthin's Tumor of the Neck Kumagai,M.,et al. 15
Case Report A Case of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease with Latent Autoimmune
Thyroditis Differentiated from Autoimmune Hepatitis by Laparoscopy and Liver Biopsy
Abe,H.,et al. 21
49 2 Original Article Manamagement of Acute Sensorineural Hearing
Loss Caused by Labyrinthitis Due to Middle Ear Cholesteatoma
Ikeda,M.,et al. 29
Original Article Effects of Class I and Ⅲ Antiarrhythmic Drugs
on the Time Window of Capture
in Human Atrial Fibrillation
Wakita,R.,et al. 39
Case Report Extended Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia
Requiring Differentiation from Breast Cancer:Report of a Case
Sakurai,K.,et al. 53
49 3 Review Treatment of Interferon-Alpha for Chronic Hepatitis C and Liver Cirrhosis Matsumura,H.,et al. 59
Review Systemic Responses Following Severe Brain Damage Kinoshita,K.,et al. 73
Case Report Medullary Carcinoma of The Breast:A Case Report Sakurai,K.,et al. 85
49 4 Review Expression of The High-Affinity IgG Receptor Ecy RI and
Toll-Like Receptor 4 on Human Mast Cells:
Involvement in The Pathogenesis of Crohn's Disease
Okayama,Y.,et al. 91
Review Skin and Aging Inadomi,T. 103
Original Aritcle Acute Prolongation of Action Potential Duration
after Internal Cardioversion of Chronic Atrial Fibrillation
Okumura,Y,et al. 113
49 5 Review Development of Coronay Atherosclerosis and
Cardiovascular Events Based on Angioscopic Observations
Hirayama,A 125
Original Ariticle Bimodal RR Interval Distribution of The Holter
Monitoring ECG During Atrinal Fibrillation:
Prediction of The Presence of Dual Atrioventricular Nodal Pathway
Ohkubo,K,et al. 135
Case Report A Leiomyoma of The Larynx Kumagai,M.,et al. 145
49 6 Review Non-Invasive,Multimodality Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease
by Multislice Computed Tomography,
Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Myocardial Perfusion SPECT:Our Experience
Sato,Y.,et al. 151
Original Article Decreased Expression of Toll-Like Receptor 2 on Psoriatic Keratinocytes
Impairs Innate Immune Functions of Psoriatic Skin
Matusmoto,C.,et al. 163
Original Article Surgical Outcomes in Retinal Detachment Surger with or without Encircling Kamura,Y.,et al. 175
2006 48 1 Case Report A Cystic Hygroma Successfully Operated on by Microsurgery Matsunaga,E.,et al. 1
Case Report Granulomatous Mastitis:A Case Report Sakurai,K.,et al. 7
Case Report A 4-Year Surviving Patient with Stage IVB Cholangiocarcinoma
Treated by Surgery and Chemotherapy:A Case Report
Takagi,K.,et al. 13
48 2 Original Article Increased Expression of the Amino Acid Transporter
LAT1 During Healing of Acetic Acid-induced Chronic Gastric Ulcers in Rats
Miyamoto,S.,et al. 19
Original Article Pulmonary and Bronchial Arteriography in
Lung Canser:Angiographic and Histologic Type Correlations
Abe,K.,et al. 31
Case Report Malignant Lymphoma of the Breast:Report of a Case Sakurai,K.,et al. 47
48 3 Review Mediastinal Tumors in Children Kusafuka,T. 55
Original Article Criteria for Transfusion of Fresh Frozen Plasma After
Hepatectomy for Hepatocellura Carcinoma
Kimura,Y.,et al. 71
Casse Report An Unusual Foreign Body in the Soft Palate Kumagai,M.,et al. 79
48 4 Review Treatment of Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in The Chronic Phase Takeuchi,J. 83
Original Article Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase in Cerebral Contusion:
MMP Inhibitor Attenuates Blood-Brrier Disruption and
Brain Edema After Traumatic Brain Injury
Shigemori,Y. 93
Case Report Successful Treatment for RIB Metastasis
from Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Kimura,Y.,et al. 107
48 5 Review Taste Disorders and Zinc Deficiency Ikeda,M.,et al. 115
Original Article Investigation of Angionic Factors in the Vitreous and Serum
of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy Patients,
Using a Simultaneous Detection Method with an Antibody Array System
Kawashima,M.,et al. 125
48 6 Original Article Neurogenesis Inducued in Dentate Gyrus Following Unilateral
Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion in Rats
Takada,Y. 145
Original Article Long-term Neuromodulation Effect of Motor Cortex Stimulation
:C-fos Expression in Rat Cerebrum
Shijo,K. 159
Case Report Effect of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
for Metastatic Malignant Phyllodes Tumor:Report of a Case
Sakurai,K.,et al. 173
2005 47 1 Original Article Long-term Follow-up Study in Patients
with Operated Idiopathic Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
Takeuchi,T.,et al. 1
Case Report Successfully Resection of Secondary Metastatic Hepatic Tumor
with Tumor Thrombus of the Portal Vein in a Patient with Gastric Cancer
Mimatsu,K.,et al. 17
Case Report One Narrow and Two Wide QRS Complex Tachycardias During
Atrial Flutter in a Patient with Manifest WPW Syndrome
Takagi,Y.,et al. 25
47 2 Original Article Cerebral Concussion among American Football Players
in Japan:10-Year Survey in a High School Football Team
Yamamoto,A. 31
Original Article Unidirectional Subcloning to Generate More Than
109 Transformants 1 Microgam of Vector DNA
Tnaka,T.,et al. 43
Case Report MDCT Detection of Right Ventricle-Pulmonary Artery Bypass Stenosis
in Corrected Tetralogy of Fallot
Sato,Y.,et al. 57
Case Report MDCT of Congenital Absence of the Left Circunflex Coronary
Artey Associated with Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease
Suzuki,Y.,et al. 63
47 3 Review Reguleation of Xenobiotic Metabolism by Xeno-biotic
Receptors and Cytochrome P450 Enzymes
Uno,S.,et al. 69
Original Aritcle Reverse Redistribution of 201TlMyocardial Perfusion
Spect Predicts Regional Functional Improvement
in Patients with Myocardial Infarction Undergoing Reperfusion Treatment:A 6-Month Follow-up Study
Suzuki,Y.,et al. 81
Original Aritcle Effect of Intra-Articular Injection of Soluble TNF-α Receptor
on Adjuvant-Induced Arthritis in Rats
Saigo,K.,et al. 91
47 4 Review Glucagon in the Human Pancreas and Intestine Tanjoh,K.,et al. 103
Original Article Effects of Nitric Oxide on Sarthran-Sensitive
Receptors in the Rat Rostral Ventrolateral Medulla
Tomioka,S.,et al. 113
Case Report A Case of Giant Lateral Cervial Cyst Kumagai,M.,et al. 131
47 5 Original Article Temporal Pattern of Doublecortin- Expression in Newly-Generated Neuroblastsin
the Rostral Migratory Steam in Response to Traumatic Brain Injury in Rats
Isihara,R. 137
Original Article Chenges of Glucose Metabolism in the Cerebral Cortex and
Cerebellum Correlated to Tremor and Rigidity Control
by Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation in Parkinson's Diseas:A Positron Emission Tomography Study
Nagaoka,T. 151
Original Article Identification of the Subthalamic Ncleus by Multiple-Cell Spike Density Analysis
with Semimicroelectrode Recording During Surger for Parkinson's Disease
Kano,T. 169
47 6 Original Article Osmotic Edema in Cerebral Contusion:Tissue Hyperosmolality
as a Cause of Massive Water Accumulation in the Injured Brain
Satoh,S. 181
Case Report Diaphragmatic Hernia after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Using Right Gastoroepiploic Artery:Report of a Case
Mimatsu,K.,et al. 195
Case Report Synchronous Hepatocellular and Cholangiocellular Carcinoma:A Case Report Takagi,K,et al. 203
2004 46 1 Original Article Induction of Systemic and Therapeutic Anti-tumor
Immunity Using by Intramuscular Delivery
of IL-12 Gene Using in Vivo Electroporation
Kaiga,T.,et al. 1
Original Article Effect of Protein Phosphatase Inhibitors on Acid Production
in Parietal Cells Isolated from the Guinea Pig Stomach
Hasunuma,O.,et al. 15
Original Articles Comparison of Thyroid Resection between
the Endoscope-assisted Method and Conventional Method
Amano,S.,et al. 25
46 2 Review Prostacyslin Synthase Gene:Genetic Polymorphisms
and the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
Nakayama,T. 35
Review Effect of Exercise on Cardiovascular Variability Iwasaki,K. 47
Original Article Altered Membrane Permeability to Fluorescein
Diacetate by Adenosine Triphosphate(ATP)in L1210 Leukemia Cells
Hatta,Y.,et al. 61
Original Article Hemodynamics in the Portal Veins of Normal
Subjects and Patients with Chronic Liver Disease:Changes Associated with Aging
Sugiyama,N.,et al. 69
Case Report Resection of Liver Metastasis from Lung Canser:Case Report Takagi,K.,et al. 85
46 3 Review Presence and Prospect of Gene Therapy for Ischemic Heart Diseases Fukuda,N.,et al. 91
Original Article Present State of Hepatitis E Virus Infection
with Non-A to-C Liver Disease without Traveling Abroad
Ohkido,K.,et al. 107
Case Report SevereCircumfluent Calcification Lesion in Ostium
of the Right Coronary Artey:Successful PCI by Rotational Atherectomy
Plus Balloon and Stent
Li,Y.,et al. 117
46 4 Original Aritcle Experimental Model of Spinal Cord Injury Induced by
a Controlled Impact Device with Vertebral Column Stabilization
Kurihara,J. 125
Original Aritcle Protein Kinase C Inhibitor Attenuates Post-ischemic Prolonged
Afterdischarges of CA1 Pyramidal Neurons in the Rat Hippocampus in Vivo
Furuichi,M. 139
Original Aritcle Appropriate Mechanical Index of the Referenece
Mode in Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography Using a
Coded Harmonic Angio-mode
Tohne,R.,et al. 151
46 5 Original Article Inhibition of Sarthran-sensitive Receptor in rhe Rat Rostral
Ventrolateral Medulla Reverses Chronic Nω-nitro-L-arginine
Methyl Ester-induced Hypertension
Hiratsuka,M.,et al. 161
Case Report Noninvasive Assessment of Cardiac Function as a Guide to
Optimal Therapy for Restrictive Cardiomyopathy:A Case Report
Kanamaru,H.,et al. 179
Case Report A Case of Pulmonary Thromboembolism Occcurring
During a Positional Chande for Spinal Anesthesia
Kobayashi,Y.,et al. 187
46 6 Original Article Utility of Pulsatile Flow Detection in the Diagnosis of Hepatic Tumors Hiroi,Y.,et al. 195
Original Article IgA Fc Receptor Promoter Polymorphism Associated
with Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Hepatitis C Virus Infection
Hiroi,Y.,et al. 211
Original Article Intravenous Infusion of Calcium Antagonist,Nicardipine,
Dose Not Increase Intracranial Pressure: Evaluation in a
Rat Model of Focal Cerebral Ischemia
Matsuzaki,T. 223