Nihon University School of Medicine


University Hospital

To provide the highest quality medical care motivated by / founded on the spirit compassion


Itabashi Hospital Basic Policy

  • Our hospital is a public healthcare facility dedicated to providing medical care and relief to the sick.
  • Our hospital pursues an ethos of compassion and responsibility /  accountability, we uphold the rights of the patient, the dignity of life and ensure ethical medical care.
  • As a “Special Function Hospital” we provide highly advanced medical care and strive for the improvement of medical standards and safety management.
  • As a university hospital, our hospital strives to nurture “good clinicians” who are able to make a meaningful contribution to community healthcare.
  • By fostering close relationships with other medical institutions, our hospital seeks to provide the most effective medical care and the ensure the happiest and healthiest outcomes for our patients.

Nihon University School of Medicine
Itabashi Hospital Organization Chart

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