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Costa surface costa surface jpeg file 19K
Computer-aided discovery of new minimal surface.

Torus torusvar jpeg file 20K
Taking a line outside a circle of constant radius as an axe of revolution, one revolves the circle around the line variating the radius along the the circle. Then one obtains a surface of this kind as orbit of the circle.
Catenoid@ Catenoid jpeg file 20K
Consider the case where you have a line segment by your both hands. When you loose the line segment, Gravity makes it a curve, which is called a Catenary. Catenoid is a surface of revolution, which is obtained by revolving the Catenary around some axe. In general, a surface spanning a fixed boundary which has minimal area is called minimal surface. Catenoid is a minimal surface spanning two discs. This is only a minimal surface of revolution.
Minimal Surface@ Interesting Minimal Surface jpeg file 20K
This is a computer-aided discovery of a new minimal surface.


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