Division of Physics, Institute of Liberal Education, Nihon University School of Medicine


Basic Physics(First-Year Course)

This first-semester course is for students who did not complete physics coursework in high school. This course concentrates on fundamental concepts and laws of physics in classical mechanics and electromagnetism, along with mathematics for physics in order to develop basic skills in physics for medical purposes.

Physics for Medical and Biological Purposes (First-Year Course)

This is a full-year physics course focusing on applications in medicine and biology. In the first semester, the class is divided into two groups, one biology-oriented and one physics-oriented. Topics covered in the first semester involve thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and waves and sound. The second semester covers applied electromagnetism and nuclear and atomic physics including radiation. Objectives are to understand contributions of physics to medicine in practice including essential principles such as radiation, NMR, laser, and ultrasound. Students will also develop practical skills such as the ability to measure microscopic structures of biological bodies.

Physics and Physiology (Second-Year Course)

In this course, students learn

Natural Science Laboratory III ~Physics lab~ (First-Year Course)

Natural Science Laboratory III (also known as Physics Lab) is designed to confirm physical laws covered in Basic Physics and Physics for Medical and Biological Purposes courses by manipulating experimental apparatuses and performing measurements. The lab focuses on ten topics selected from classical mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, wave and sound, electromagnetism, and atomic-nuclear physics. Students work in pairs to learn the fundamentals of measurement, data analysis, and scientific writing of lab reports.

Graduate Program

The Department of Physics offers a graduate program with Department of Biology," Seminar in the Natural Science of Human Cognition" 「ヒトの自然科学認識論」 (in particular on nano-creation technology). Biological statistics is also offered jointly with Department of Mathematics .

Medical Engineering

The Department of Physics coordinates with the Department of Physiology and the Department of Mathematics to offer Medical Engineering as a full-year course for 2nd year students.